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A mini Golf Course is not a miniature version of the real thing unlike as the name suggests. One can play a full-fledged game on these mini golf courses. The significant feature is that the game is played fast and one does not have to trudge aimlessly on the vast rolling green. A normal golf course consists of the mandatory 18 holes, with each of them consisting of teeing ground, a rough, a water body and other hazards. The miniaturized version in comparison consists of lesser number of holes (typically 9 holes) and is designed to increase the pace of the game and thus make it more attractive. It is quite popular among executives for an after lunch game of golf or for a golf meeting. Though the interest in mini golf courses has been waning, a few courses in the USA are trying innovative tricks and marketing gimmicks to see a sustained flow of traffic. Some of the best mini courses are given below. The choice is mostly drawn from the American locations as mini golf courses located in theme parks are a source of rich enjoyment for the whole family, and American theme parks housing mini golf courses are the best. The mini Golf Courses have been selected from across the country from the east coast to the west coast; from north to south.

NEW YORK, Lake George

Located at a short distance from Lake George. This golf course allows you to play on the right side or the American side as opposed to the left side. The course takes you through a mini Europe and Far East, with the exotic locales shrunken for the convenience of the visitor. A game assures you a round trip around the world.

California, Anaheim

Camelot Golfland is one of the attractions of Anaheim, California. This is a theme park which is home to several miniaturized courses. As you tee off, you drive past Spanish castles and wild jungles. The mini courses are categorized on the basis of skill level. So a family visiting these courses may choose a course to complement their skill level.

New Jersey

Located on the Jersey shore are these Golf Center. If your amusement includes surrounded by pirate legends, ships and dangerous water hazards and rickety suspension bridges, then Pirate Island Golf course is what the good doctor ordered for you.


Prehistoric Golf is a theme course located in Oceans City’s. It is part of a chain of golf courses located in the city. As you tee off you experience a “Jurassic Park” like experience with a T Rex leading the pack.


At smuggler’s cove golf and pirates walk hand in hand. These mini golf courses are found all over the state. The courses are awash with delightful pirate coves, real alligators, waterfalls and tropical scenery. It is advisable not to request for a ball falling into the welcome jaws of an alligator! One may lose a club & hand. All the parks offer golf as a complete family entertainment.

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