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Baseball is a sports game with the ball and bat. Two opposing teams (9 members) alternately perform certain rules of the offensive and defensive actions. Offensive players take turns standing at the base, beat with the sent, and during of ball flying run from one base to another; defenders try to catch the ball and get with it an enemy, who runs across the field. Teams compete for the right to serve the ball and run to one base and get a score. Goal of the game to have maximum number of scores. The International Federation of Baseball (IBA) was founded in and brings together 110 national federations. Baseball is in the program of the Olympic Games since. Team championship for men is held, too.

History of baseball

In England, people believe that it has been known since the mid-18 century, when “Little entertaining pocket book” (1744) was published, This book contained an article “baseball” with an illustration. In the United States there is an opinion, that baseball is an invention of American – Civil War hero Gen. Abner Doubleday – (1839) from Cooperstown (NY) or Alexander Cartwright (1845) from New York, creator of the first baseball club, the “Knickerbockers”. It is likely that baseball was derived from well-known in America and like it games like “town-ball”, “round-ball”, “Massachusetts Game”, which differed from each other with position of players on the field and the distance between them.

Cartwright found that the command should be consist of 9 players, determined the size of the field, developed a set of rules. And on the 19th of June in Hoboken (New Jersey) held first official game between “the New York Nike” and “Knickerbockers” In was founded the National Association baseball players. In, the U.S. has already had over 300 baseball clubs. Thanks to the paid entrance to the stadium clubs and organizers have been made money; the part of them was paid to the players. In, baseball players from the “Red Stockings” (Cincinnati) have officially become the professionals. Since baseball is divided into professional and amateur.

Championships and champions in amateur baseball

On the first world championships, that held in 1938, two teams: the United Kingdom and the United States (English won the series in five games ) took part. The most successful in the world championships were baseball players of Cuba (21 participation and 18 victories).The recognition baseball an Olympic sport (October), starting from XXV Games in Barcelona (in at the XXIV Olympiad in Seoul, baseball was introduced as a demonstration of the form) began the development of baseball popularity . Cubans have took first places at the Olympic Games (XXV in Barcelona) and (XXVI in Atlanta), having confirmed their leadership in the world of amateur baseball.

Professional baseball and its stars

In 1903, primarily baseball league was based in the U.S.. It brings together 26 teams and 700 players. League conducts championship leagues (U.S. – 14 teams, National – 12 teams) and the so-called “World Series” (from 9 games between the winning team leagues). Annual income of the league is about $ 900 million, the average salary of the player is about 550 thousand dollars a year. The country has about 30 baseball stadiums (each stadium seats over 40 thousand people). In addition to the League in the U.S. there are about 180 baseball clubs (3500 black ballers) in the lower leagues.

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