Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A good indicator of the success of a sport, is how far it embeds itself into the psyche of not just the followers of the sport but the casual observer, and even the person that wouldn’t be caught dead playing or watching the sport. Golf is a multi billion dollar industryand an almost perfect example of the power of combining sport, entertainment and big business.

One key reason for the continuing success of golfing in the public eye are the world famous golf events such as the Open.  Arguably the whole buzz and excitement that is generated around these events is down to the history of the events and the location.  World famous golfing championships take part on world renowned golf courses with names bursting with the atmosphere of the occasions .

Such is the powerful attraction of such locations and the events connected to them,  there is opportunity abound for the industry to expand its business involvements .  For sport to succeed nowadays and compete on the world stage requires a variety of commercial off-shoots.  A whole commercial industry of corporate golf days is a good example.  Corporate golf days are very popular where companies have a round or more with well known celebrity partners on the same courses where famous trophies were won .  These possibly modestly talented golfers get to play on such famous courses can try out new clubs , drivers and wedges with expert guidance and exchange personalised golf gifts as momentos of the day.

They will be days with memories which will be replayed for many years to come. Trophies, golfing gifts etc can also be found that mark famous golfing occassions at these venues such as historic Ryder cup rounds and even Ryder cup trophy replicas for simple club competitions.  Simple golf presents with a course as the theme are very popular.

There are quite a few world class golfing venues and here is a small list of the most famous of all :-


From the day the first Masters Tournament was held on 22nd March 1934 the placement of this fine golf course in sport folk law was guaranteed . The list of great golfers and their achievements in this competition is umbeatable and thanks to the huge TV coverage every year each hole on the last nine have become as well know to the average golfer as their own local courses.

St Andrews (UK)

Impressively titled “the home of golf”, St Andrews is popular amongst a signifcant number of the very top professionals.  Tiger Woods is on record saying it is a favourite.  The course is not the most difficult and the initial 10 holes are considered somewhat easy, however the course does require well thought out strategy and excellent shot consistency.  So well thought off is this location amongst the pros and event organisers and promoters that it is the most popular location for the PGA Open Championship.

Sunningdale (UK)

Sunningdale is a fabulous course built at the turn of the century. Certainly one of the top courses in the world today it holds the British Master, Senior Open Championship and Walker Cup events regularly.

Wentworth (UK)

Wentworth is certainly rising in importance in the league of top courses.  It is possibly the only golfing location in the world to host three high visibility professional tournaments each year.  The Cisco World Match Play Championship, the Energis Senior Masters and the Volvo PGA Championship.  Isn’t it is interesting how corporate sponsorship is now truly to the fore.  Now the Volvo PGA Championship is shown on TV in America the importance of this course is growing. These are just a few of the most famous courses across the world.  International golf events , TV revenue, local tourism, golfing gifts, sponsorship deals, the importance of these great golf institutions with their amazing history will continue for many years to come .

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