Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The thought of climbing rocks chill many of us to the bone and may make us shy of from the activity but when you see beautiful, rugged and solid looking mountains of rock, you fathom why the sport gives many such a kick. It is one of the few activities that will give you an adrenaline rush to remember. Rock climbing has its fair share of perils which only serve to heighten the excitement to the journey that takes you to awesome sceneries atop the rocks. Each continent has its amazing rocky spots but the following have stood out worldwide. Yosemite national park is considered to have the most thrilling experience in the globe and this is manifested in the large numbers of climbers present. It is known for its long and challenging routes as well as pinnacles. One is advised to visit during cool months like April and September to avoid wet or excessively hot rocks. For timid people and beginners, its height might intimidate you. Dead horse point located next to Colorado River, is spectacular and from far it looks like winded rock paths. It was even featured on the mission impossible movie where Tom Cruise climbs it. The stolen chimney fisher tower in Utah rises about 250 feet from the desert surface. The sandstone column is winded and looks like a bulb which makes it outstanding.

Paarl rock in South Africa also called Pearl Mountain is the second most large granite dome rock in the world. Climbing it is quite challenging due to its scarce handholds, roundness and smooth surface and this makes it a ‘veterans only’ zone. Mount Roraima found in Canaima national park in Venezuela is an ancient geological formation and apparently ‘the lost world’ novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was inspired by it. The top of the plateau offers a calming site. Costa Brava and Costa Blanca in Spain is just the spot for beginners. With the weather being warm and dry mostly, most climbing lessons are conducted here. The climbs are also very bolted making it easy safe and fun for climbers with less experience. French Alps are wonderful though one has to dig deeper in their pockets to get the experience. It caters for beginners who can take the short routes around Chamonix and the experienced ones can go higher up for more challenging route on the alpine rock and ice climbing.

Another breath-taking site is the Nameless tower in northern Pakistan on the Baltoro glacier in Baltistan. Its ridgeline stretches to about a thousand metres and it has eight climbing routes where the ‘eternal flame’ route remains the most challenging and favourite of many. Spider rock situated in Arizona national park is a breath taking monolith of red sandstone. It came about through sand layer deposits than became concrete over two hundred and thirty million years ago. Lastly is Meteora (translated as ‘suspended rock’) in Greece shelters about six monasteries which have a beautiful view of landscape and is located by the Penoios River and Pindus mountains. Despite the fear of heights possessed by many, rock climbing is definitely a sport worth venturing into.

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