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Snooker is a game engage players in recreation on a baize covered table with pouches in every of the four corners and in the center of the lengthy side cushions. Players normally use a cue and pool balls; one white and fifteen others red in colour that add up to one point each. There are instances where this game can be played with only some balls commonly ten and six balls of alternative colors. These are; yellow which stand for two points, green which is worth three points, brown worth four points, blue worth five points and black that hold seven points. An individual game which is normally referred to as a frame is won by a player or a team of players who score more points than the opponent(s) by the use of a cue ball to pot the red balls and the coloured balls in the pouches. Most of all it is important to master ten basic tips for beginner snooker players that will give you an upper hand in winning the games. These include:

Snooker Tips For Beginners

  • Always focus on keeping your head straight at all times while playing. A majority of players tend to tilt their heads as they point the cue ball. This is misleading.
  • Try to fix your bridge hand firmly when you are pointing at a cue ball in preparation of a shot. Thrust or drive the tips of your fingers into the cover on the table in order to ensure that they do not move or dislodge as your cue gets through to hit the cue ball.
  • Complete what your initiated. It is imperative that you maintain every shot all the way to the end. Stand firmly rooted until the targeted ball drops in the pocket.
  • Keep your backswing soft and gently paced. Always recall that your backstroke is your hand eye controller. So long as you focus on your target then pay attention not to bring your arm back too speedily. Without this you may end up missing the target.
  • Always maintain a loose back hand and relaxed simply because nervousness is the worst enemy of the players. The more anxiety you have the less the chance of striking rightfully.
  • Try walking round the snooker table just to confirm the exact position you would like to cue the ball subsequently. Of course if you want the cue ball to end up in the right pocket then you must visualize where the spot is located.
  • Take time to analyse how you failed to spot and figure out what led to the misses.
  • Develop a winning ritual that you will always use when playing. You will be shocked that your self-acquired formal procedure will work for you especially when under pressure.
  • No matter the outcome in the initial stages of your game never panic but maintain composure and a positive attitude.
  • Put your mind in every shot such that before making a shot have a visual position that you will place the cue ball. Be committed and you will be making countless winning shots.
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