Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A youth sports camp can be a great way to help young athletes improve their skills beyond their school or travel team. You won’t find better coaches and athletes at the best camps. Not all camps are worth the money. These four factors will help you choose the right camp for your child.

1. Highly qualified and dedicated instructors

The instructors are the most important thing about a youth sports camp. Make sure you research the credentials of any staff members before you sign up for a camp. Do the coaches have any coaching experience? Which teams have they worked with previously? Rocky Top Sports World hosts camps that are run by some the best instructors. Many of our camps have instructors who have played or coached at both the professional and collegiate levels. Phillip Fulmer, a former University of Tennessee football coach, leads an extremely popular Hall of Fame Football Camp at Rocky Top Sports World. You don’t have to be a superstar to run a great sports camp. Our most successful camps are run by experienced coaches and athletes with years of experience. The Smoky Mountain Soccer Academy, which is managed by Zach Schwandt (Head Coach, Gatlinburg Pittman High School soccer team), features instruction by Joshua Scott (Associate Head Coach, Tusculum College soccer team).

2. Quality Facilities A field overlooking the Rocky Top Sports World mountains.

You should also consider the facilities your children will use when you choose a youth sports camp. Are the courts and fields well-maintained? Are there any professional-quality amenities? Will the camp take place at a high or middle school? Rocky Top Sports World offers state-of the-art facilities to children who sign up for camp. The 80-acre sports campus has six artificial turf fields, one grass court, six volleyball courts, 12 basketball courts, three team rooms and bleacher seating. There is also an on-site grill. Rocky Top athletes will have access to breathtaking views of The Great Smoky Mountains from their fields. Visit our Facilities page to learn more about all we have.

3. Convenient Location

Another important aspect to consider is the location of a youth sport camp. Are the camps easily accessible or are they in remote areas? Rocky Top Sports World, which is located just 10 minutes from downtown Gatlinburg (TN), one of the most visited tourist destinations in Southeast, is easily accessible. Gatlinburg can be reached easily via Interstate Highway 40. It is just one day drive from 60% population. You can arrange your child’s youth sport camp while you are on vacation if you are not from Gatlinburg. This will allow everyone to have fun in Gatlinburg or the Smoky Mountains.

4. Nutritious Meal Plans A healthy sub for turkey

Another thing to think about when choosing a youth sports camp for your child is the food they are served. Are there healthy options for young athletes or junk food? Rocky Top Sports World offers a variety of Healthy Choice Meal Plans to athletes at many camps. You can order a variety of delicious lunches from our kitchen to be delivered directly to your child. You can choose from a Crispy BBQ Chicken Wrap or Turkey and Cheese Hoagie, Grilled Ranch Chicken Wrap or a Pasta Power Salad. Check out our Smoky Mountains Sports Camps Calendar to see the full list of upcoming Rocky Top Sports World youth sports camps.

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