Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Fringe golf shots or shots not in the fairway demand golf tips for beginners that are different from the norm due to the high level of skill required Some shots land in places that create extreme levels of high tension for our minds like high grass, wooded areas, sand bunkers or areas with high-pitched slopes. Of course, since high handicappers almost never practice this type of shot, we tend to end up with high numbers on these holes.

One stroke-saving shot a newer golfer should memorize is the knock-down or punch shot. The punch is a weapon that can be used in save situations when you need to advance to try to keep your score down. This type of shot allows you to hit the ball in hostile conditions in a low trajectory to a controlled length by using a sort of chopping motion with a very short follow through.

This golf swing is quite handy when you have hazards either over your head or at your feet and you need to be careful. When hitting the ball using a punch, the goal is to keep the ball low throughout the entire shot. Things to avoid include trees, tree branches, swirling debris, geese – You name it! A good punch shot is a shot that has been practiced heavily by you, the user– know the distances that you can comfortably go by practicing regularly.

To get started with this shot, I just play the ball more in the back of my stance then bring the club 1/2 to 3/4 back, (play it about 3 inches further back than normal). I take 1-2 clubs extra. Hands ahead of the ball on the downstroke and connection. Some might prefer to think of this as a powerfuld pitch shot with the difference being the fact that you could use it off the tee! To reiterate: take more club, choke it down, ball back of usual stance. Work through the swing keeping the lower body quiet as possible and flow through as low as possible. Caveat: don’t move the ball as far back when using a longer club. The most important thing is not to try to hit it too hard as the ball will go surprisingly far on you.

Final points to memorize: stand with narrow gap between feet, shift weight to leading leg, swing back as far as you think is necessary and drive it through low. The full swing in the punch shot is shorter than usual, and the arms stay closer to the body. You will hit down on the ball with this type of shot which will create even more distance if you are not aware of what’s happening. Like Colt 45 ads with Billy Dee Williams state: Works Every Time. Hopefully, if you are using these tips from my beginners golf tips site I know you’ll really enjoy playing out of trouble spots much more because learning the punch shot makes you look like a much better golfer.

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