Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Rocky Top Sports World celebrated its 7th anniversary of operation and welcomed more than 135,700 athletes, spectators as well as their families and friends to Gatlinburg. The complex, which was awarded the Best Sports Complex in, had a $46.9 Million economic impact over the course of its fiscal year. Since its opening in Gatlinburg, Rocky Top Sports World has exceeded all expectations. Gatlinburg Mayor Mike Werner stated that the leap into sports tourism was a key factor in Gatlinburg’s economic growth over seven years. There were more than 90 events hosted on the site, with 25 weekends featuring both indoor and outdoor events. The number of weekday events at the venue increased by more than two-thirds over last year.

Cindy Cameron Ogle, Gatlinburg’s City Manager, stated that “The City is very pleased with the performance by Rocky Top Sports World since.” “The facility’s continued economic impact continues to fulfill the vision that Gatlinburg, Sevier County and I had for Rocky Top Sports World.” Rocky Top Sports World staff are greatly appreciated by the City of Rocky Top. Rocky Top Sports World’s seven most notable achievements in the past year include being named the All-Star Multipurpose Sports Venue, and the All-Star Indoor Sports Venue by Sports Events Media Group. The venue won the Readers’ Choice Award for the fifth consecutive year.

Rocky Top Sports World hosted in December the inaugural Gatlinburg All-American Bowl, where 120 athletes from eight different states took part. The Kohl’s Kicking National Elite Camp, and National Scholarship Camp were also held at the venue. This brought together athletes from 45 different states. Kohl’s Kicking will be returning to Rocky Top Sports World July 2021 and 2022. For the next year, Rocky Top Sports World is hosting new tournaments, events, and even a first ever adult kickball event, Turf Wars, put on by Play Mars Sports.

It will host successful return events, such as four weekends of the Smoky Mountains Cup hosted by High School Cup. This event will feature the largest number of teams participating to date. Notable returning events include 15 bookings with National Soccer Events, FC Alliance, and which contributed nearly $10 million to the 2020-2021 economic impact. “We are delighted to have seen the Rocky Top Sports World’s recent economic impact report. This facility played a crucial role in the area’s recovery process and record-breaking economic growth. Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters said, “We are proud to have such a world-class facility.”

Rocky Top Sports World

Rocky Top Sports World, an 80-acre sports complex is located in the heart the Great Smoky Mountains. It has seven outdoor fields as well as an indoor arena of 86,000 square feet that houses six basketball courts. Rocky Top Sports World is part of the SFM Network. This is the nation’s largest network of sports facilities. It is managed by Sports Facilities Management, a leader in outsourcing operations.

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