Wednesday, January 26, 2022

You can find some reasons for the popularity of this sport among the players making bets. Firstly, it is the absence of competition. MLB Championship held as follows: “Spring-Autumn”, which means that its height in the summer months, that are poor of sport events. Secondly, a large number of matches. Baseball is the static game, that allows you to conduct daily tours with the participation of all team league. Each team conducts (excluding playoffs) over 160 games for the season. Thirdly, baseball has only two possible outcomes of the match: victory or defeat of one of the teams. And it attracts many people. In this case, it doesn’t need to overcome the handicap like in basketball.

Fourthly, the composition of participants MLB is one of the most constant leagues in the world. Value of victories and defeats of the winner of the regular season on average is about 60:40, as a consequence, there are quite high coefficients. For comparison, in the NBA this figure is approximately. It should be noted that the unpredictability of baseball games is explained not only by the forces of the opposing team. It is laid in the very rules of this unusual game, where one good bat swing can cardinally change the outcome of the game. Thus, the influence of factors, which can be regarded as random, is especially great in baseball. On this basis, the most rational strategy is strategy of individual bets (single bets) for each game. With an average coefficient on a clear victory of one of the teams is equal to 1.85, you must win 60% of the bets to have a profit in a long game.

How can be achieved it? What should be noted by the forecast preparing?

First of all you need to know the rules. Some betters on baseball don’t know about this game and sometimes don’t know how players score. Trying to capitalize on that, what you do not understand is pure madness, that’s why knowing the rules of baseball, its features, terminology, etc. is a basic prerequisite of successful games. Baseball is a team sport, but the team has a player, who has a special responsibility for the outcome of the match. This is a pitcher. Each club has a few pitchers. The pitcher (player, pitcher in the game of defense) is a key figure on the field. With a good game, he can single-handedly neutralize the opponent’s attacking potential and ensure the victory of his team, while his bad actions can influence negative on the positive result of the game. Consequently, the chances of any team in a particular game are largely determined by the player in position of pickup. How to evaluate the skill level of the pitcher?

To this end, in baseball there are more than a dozen statistical indicators. Particularly noteworthy are two of them:

1. Valuation of victories and defeats.
2. ERA is the coefficient that shows how many runs the pitcher misses in the middle for 9 innings. High efficiency of serves is characterized by smaller values of the ERA.

At the beginning of the season (30 – 40 games), the overall average ERA is objective measure, then, to the extent that it increases the number of matches played pitcher, a more accurate indicator is ERA that averages over the last three games. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the ERA of any pitcher in the games at home has more scores. Thus, the opposition of pitchers is the first thing that must be taken into account by predicting the outcome of a match. And this applies not only betting on the outcome, but also on the total. For example, if each other resist such aces as Tim Lincicome and Carlos Zambrano, the cumulative total of this match will be unlikely higher 7 scores.

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