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While perfume is the one of the best accessories you can wear, the bottles they live in are also great accessories for your dressing table or bathroom cabinet. Fragrance bottle design has evolved over the years, resulting in some truly beautiful bottles to line your shelves.

No matter what type of women’s perfume you love, don’t forget to appreciate the work and creativity that has gone into the bottle design. Here are just some examples of the most beautiful fragrance bottles out at the minute.


Prada has long been known for its style and sophistication, and this has filtered through into their fragrances. One of the biggest luxury fashion houses in the world, Prada has a collection of perfumes that date back to 2004.

Prada Candy was deemed the fragrance that put Prada on the global fragrance map, which was followed by various new versions of the original. The bottle for Prada Candy L’Eau won an award in 2012 for the best packaging.

Created with a simple cylindrical shape and a unique lid design, it is simple yet elegant. Look out for the different versions, all with a similar design in different colours; Prada Candy Kiss, Gloss, Florale and Night.


Penhaligon is a quintessentially British brand, specialising in fragrances including perfume, bath and home scents. The bottle design is the original from when the brand first originated around 150 years ago, reminiscent of apothecary bottles.

Penhaligon fragrances create innovative scents that are inspired by the brand’s archives. The first fragrance, Hamman Boutique, was created in 1874 and was inspired by the neighbouring Turkish Baths on Jermyn Street, London.

The bottle design has been finished with a simple bow on the front and a beautifully detailed label.


Yves Saint Laurent is another popular brand that is known for its style and substance, and it has launched a vast collection of perfumes for every occasion. One of YSL’s best-selling fragrances is Black Opium, which was launched in 2014.

Black Opium is a glam rock fragrance that is perfectly mirrored in the bottle design, creating an opulent bottle to sit on your dressing table. With a black, glittery design and eye-catching centre, it is a modern yet classic design that is unlikely to go out of style!

Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume and cosmetics houses in the world, founded in 1828. Its perfumes have been inspired by travels and stories from across exotic locations. Its bottles reflect this, with stunning designs that house golden fragrances with an oriental scent.

Guerlain Shalimar was the world’s first oriental fragrance, and was inspired by the Gardens of Shalimar and the Taj Mahal. The bottle design has a unique shape with a contrasting blue top, reminiscent of precious jewels.

Similarly, Guerlain Samsara was inspired by travels to China and Tibet, finished with a bee design; the symbol of the Empire and Guerlain’s emblem.

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